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About WEBA Prosumer

"WEBA Prosumer" may be the first All-in-One commercial audio-visual information platform in Hong Kong!

"Prosumer" originally refers to "one who integrates production and consumption", combining the roles of professional producers (Professional or Producer) and consumers (Consumer). With the progress of the times and the development of information, people's pursuit of quality of life and taste is also getting higher and higher. Consumers also have higher requirements for different products and information. They pursue products that are closest to their needs and wants, as if they are tailor-made, and their in-depth knowledge and requirements for products are no less than those of professionals in the industry. It is what we refer to as a professional consumer (Prosumer).

There are many choices of professional-grade audio-visual equipment on the market, and each major brand and product has its own characteristics. However, it is very difficult to choose a product that suits you and your office. In the past, when purchasing products, it often took hours to check and compare product information on the official websites of different brands, or read multiple different online reviews, hoping to find the most suitable product from the massive information, and then had to search for retailers. offer.

As an expert in audio-visual and information technology products and solutions, WEBA understands the needs of consumers, so it established the "WEBA Prosumer" ALL-in-One commercial audio-visual information platform and its mobile application (App).

"WEBA Prosumer" not only integrates a dazzling array of professional-grade commercial audio-visual products and solutions for everyone, but also carefully categorizes them for everyone, so that everyone can easily purchase them on our website or mobile application (App) Sincerely, I will provide you with one-stop caring service. We also send e-newsletters and experience activities to members every month, and provide "WEBA Prosumer" users with information and professional sharing related to audio-visual and information technology.

Whether you are an office clerk, a company administrator or secretary, you are in the company's purchasing department, you are an IT person... "WEBA Prosumer" is your good partner, allowing you to easily obtain the most suitable commercial products for your company Audio-visual equipment!

-WEBA team


WEBA Prosumer Sharing Station

online shopping platform

WEBA Prosumer provides professional audio-visual and technology products, electronic products and software from conference rooms to personal desks, WEBA Prosumer is your best choice.

product experience

Product experience is a very important part of shopping. As long as you make an appointment at our experience center in Kowloon Bay on the WEBA Prosumer website or mobile application (App), you can try out your favorite products on the spot, and our professional team will also be there to provide assistance and professional advice.

Industry information

Technology is changing with each passing day, and new products and technologies are also dizzying. WEBA Prosumer regularly shares information on commercial audio-visual and technology industries, allowing you to grasp the major trends of the new era. We will also share product update information so that you can fully grasp and utilize the full functions of the product.


There are so many brands and products, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, but you are at a loss for product matching and the most suitable solution?

WEBA Prosumer has always used our professional knowledge to provide customers with the best quality services, including tailor-made solutions for customers: from consulting, engineering, solution design and advice to on-site installation, project management and after-sales follow-up.

​Our cooperative brand

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