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We-Share Kramer VIA Connect² 4.0 New Version! | 4K Streaming Output | Wireless Meeting Equipment | Wireless Collaboration Device

Kramer VIA Connect²

In today's fast-paced, digitally driven business environment, efficient collaboration and communication tools have become crucial. Kramer VIA Connect² is an advanced wireless collaboration solution designed to meet new normal workspace’s design, enhancing team collaboration efficiency in conference rooms, classrooms, and corporate training environments.

Kramer Connect² can be applied to large, medium, and small conference spaces, making it ideal for classrooms and small meeting rooms. Its ultra-compact design (74x74mm) allows for flexible installation, with built-in Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity. It uses industry-leading 1024-bit encryption technology for secure use on internal networks.

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The Professional Choice for Efficient Communication

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Kramer VIA Connect² is a versatile wireless collaboration device that offers excellent connectivity and ease of use, supporting up to four devices connected and displayed simultaneously. This device enables users to share seamlessly and present content from not limited to laptops, tablets, or smartphones, and every Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android platform can do so. It is creating an efficient and interactive collaboration space.

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Users can choose from various display modes, including split-screen and full-screen, to adjust flexibly to different meeting needs, ensuring the best visual effects and information transmission. Kramer VIA Connect² is equipped with advanced encryption technology and security protocols to ensure the safety and privacy of data transmission, making it reliable for internal company meetings and sensitive business discussions.

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Kramer VIA Connect² supports various operating systems and device types, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, ensuring seamless interoperability between different devices and offering a wider range of applications. VIA Connect² supports up to 1080p HD audio and video transmission, ensuring excellent picture and sound quality, suitable for multimedia presentations and video conferences. The device allows multiple users to annotate and mark up the shared screen in real-time, enhancing collaboration efficiency and enabling everyone to actively participate in the discussion.


Multiple Application Scenarios

1. Corporate Meetings

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In corporate meetings, Kramer VIA Connect² enables participants to quickly share reports, charts, and other important materials, enhancing meeting efficiency and interactivity. The split-screen display feature allows participants to view multiple content sources simultaneously, promoting deeper discussions and decision-making.

2. Education and Training

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In educational and training environments, teachers can use this device to wirelessly share course materials and teaching resources, increasing student engagement and learning effectiveness. The multi-user annotation feature allows students to annotate questions and key points on the shared screen in real-time, enhancing interactive learning.

3. Remote Collaboration

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Kramer VIA Connect² supports remote collaboration, allowing users to interact and share information in real-time with colleagues and partners worldwide, enabling efficient collaboration without face-to-face meetings. Its robust security and encryption technology ensure data safety and privacy in remote meetings.


Kramer VIA Connect² is a powerful, flexible, and efficient wireless collaboration solution designed for various business and educational applications. With its exceptional connectivity, security, and ease of use, it is the perfect choice for enhancing team collaboration efficiency. If you are looking for an innovative product to meet modern collaboration needs, Kramer VIA Connect² is definitely worth considering.

Kramer VIA

Product Features

  • 3rd party Security Certification.

  • Built–In isolated Wi–Fi and LAN.

  • Quick and Reliable Wireless Connectivity — A simple and intuitive user interface enables iOS™, Android™, Chromebook™, PC, and Mac™ device users to instantly connect to a main display. 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi–Fi and MIMO antennas establish and maintain a fast and reliable connection.

  • Automatically stops presentation when leaving the room.

  • Clientless Connectivity — Airplay, Miracast, Join Through Browser.

  • Optimized for Video Conferencing — Room devices driver feature allows users to wirelessly connect to the professional grade camera and AV in their meeting spaces easily and instantly.

  • Calendar widget on the wallpaper for instant connectivity within one click.

  • 3rd Party Web Applications — Run directly from the device without needing to use the application.

  • Powerful Security Feature — 802.1x User authentication, 1024–bit encryption, dynamic room code.

  • Built–In Wi–Fi and LAN.

  • Comprehensive Collaboration Functionality — Whiteboard, filesharing, View Main Display, chat, etc.

  • High–Quality Video Streaming — Supports up to 4K@30Hz resolution using the VIA app Multimedia feature.

  • Simultaneous Display — Four participants can simultaneously present content on the main display.

  • Seamless Live Video Streaming — Stream live content from meeting rooms, classrooms and studios using RTMP/RTMPS to all the leading platforms, like YouTube™, Kaltura™, Panopto™ and more.

  • Up to 4K@30 HDMI Wired Input — Enables hard–wiring, auto switching, for connecting a computer or any HDMI compatible device camera, multimedia player or computer that supports HDCP signals.

  • Wireless USB — Supports Microphone, Speaker & Camera.

  • Cloud–Based Management — Seamlessly compatible with VIA Site Management (VSM).

  • Easy and Flexible Installation — With a super–compact form factor, it can be discreetly installed on the back of a display, projector or almost anywhere.

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