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AVerVision CAM130 - 4K Conference Camera

Exclusive small meeting space and home office4KSuper wide-angle, automatic light fill video camera

CAM130equipped with4KUltra-wide-angle lens and intelligent fill light, no matter you are in a small meeting room or working at home, you can have a good look. The automatic frame preset area technology can smoothly track and capture the movements of the participants, and you can focus accurately even if you are wearing a mask , saving time and increasing efficiency. Its built-in lens cover protects your privacy, and it can be matched with different brackets for various scenes,CAM130Give you clearer and brighter video communication.

AVerVision CAM130 - 4K Conference Camera

HK$4,280.00 Regular Price
HK$3,280.00Sale Price
  • super wide angle4KCamera, the image is clear and natural

    CAM130equipped withSony 4KThe photosensitive element can automatically adjust exposure, white balance and make up light even in a high-contrast lighting environment, providing excellent image performance and providing120Spend/ 90It is an indispensable partner for small office space or home office.

    In response to light conditions, automatic intelligent photosensitive lighting

    CAM130Let you show a professional and energetic image in video conferencing, intelligently adjust the fill light intensity in a dim environment, and automatically provide a full range of color temperature adjustments to ensure the best image in any light.

    Close the lens cover to easily protect privacy

    Take privacy seriously! The camera has a built-in lens cover to protect your privacy, no longer worry about cyber hackers stealing image data, close the lens cover to protect personal information from leakage.

    Smart frame focus is easy to use

    CAM130Equipped with smart frame and preset focus mode, allowing you to conduct meetings smoothly, the newly upgradedSmartFrameIntelligent focus frame technology, the lens can stably track and focus on the participants on the screen or in a specific area, Significantly improve conference efficiency and provide high-quality conference experience.

    Antimicrobial coating provides a safe and protective meeting environment

    AVerEnhanced antibacterial coating to protect the health and safety of participants. In order to achieve the best antibacterial effect,
    CAM130There are three layers of antibacterial coating on the surface, so that users can use it with peace of mind to reduce the risk of infection and provide a safe and protective meeting environment.

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