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AVerVision VB130 - 4K All-In-One Video Conference System

4K Video Conferencing System

not only clear and bright


Exclusive small meeting space 4K intelligent photosensitive lighting video conferencing system

The integrated VB130 video conferencing system has the latest intelligent photosensitive lighting technology, allowing you to maintain a professional and good look in any environment! Its AVer noise isolation, sound beamforming and sound tracking technology can accurately collect sound, and the lens can auto-focus to frame all the participants in a few seconds, bringing you not only a clearer, but also a brighter meeting experience.

AVerVision VB130 - 4K All-In-One Video Conference System

  • Different viewing angles and SONY 4K high-sensitivity image elements

    The VB130 can adjust the video angle and field of view, and can be flexibly applied to different conference environments. Whether you are working at home or in a small space, it can ensure that you are in the best position in the video conference and present ultra-high-definition images.


    Intelligent photosensitive lighting technology gives you a good look

    The VB130 built-in intelligent photosensitive lighting technology has a full range of color temperature (2700-5700 K) adjustment, which can automatically detect and adjust the camera light in a dim video environment*, so that you can present a professional and good look in any environment!

    *The best lighting effect must be within 1 meter from the lens.


    AVer noise isolation technology achieves seamless cooperation

    VB130 noise isolation technology can adjust the radio range according to the needs of the conference room, shielding any noise outside the conference field of view, so that the team can fully focus on the conference discussion and fully obtain business advantages and opportunities.


    Sound beamforming technology for superior sound quality

    The sound beamforming technology has 5 radio microphones, which can accurately collect each speaker and reproduce the resonance sound quality, so that every participant can participate in it and become a key role in the conference.


    Minimize touch for efficient and safe meetings

    VB130’s latest AI-triggered field of view adjustment can activate the audio automatic tracking mode, allowing the lens to automatically follow the speaker, and there is also a sound preset tracking area mode, which can lock the human voice in the tracking area and perform meeting field of view conversion, which can effectively reduce touch , to achieve efficient and safe video conferencing!

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