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BeerBear Smart Plug - Smart Plug

BeerBear's Founding Philosophy

Many Hong Kong people grew up with dolls around them when they were young. When you grow up, have you ever noticed that the little bear around you has also grown up? His role has changed, from a little bear who accompanies you to have fun, to a little housekeeper in the house and office. The only thing that remains the same is his heart for you. He helps us deal with the surrounding environmental factors and make life adapt to others.


Smart home is no longer a distant enjoyment. BeerBear allows everyone to enjoy the convenience brought by smart technology to life with a cost-efficient price and a good interface.

BeerBear Smart Plug - Smart Plug

  • The use of smart plugs can eliminate the need for installation steps. From downloading the app to starting to use, the user can handle it all by himself. It is easy to use and affordable. There is no upper limit to the number of Chilean plugs, and you can adjust the location of use and the electrical appliances they belong to.

    High flexibility and easy to use, it is the best choice for entry into smart home.

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