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BOSE FreeSpace 360P II - Outdoor Speaker

The full-range outdoor-grade loudspeaker is designed to blend subtly into the landscape for use in ground-buried or above-ground applications such as shopping malls, outdoor restaurants, resorts and theme parks. Provides 360° horizontal coverage and frequency range down to 60 Hz.


This product is an all-weather floor loudspeaker with 360-degree sound field diffusion, which can produce fairly clear sound quality, suitable for noisy environments such as outdoors, but can be installed in hidden locations. Designed for harsh outdoor environments, the box structure is durable, waterproof, impact-resistant, and extremely reliable. It can be buried in the ground or installed on cement or wooden surfaces. It is suitable for swimming pools, restaurants, theme parks, and outdoor seating areas. , Atriums and outdoor gardens, it is an ideal audio solution, and it is also suitable for large open spaces, such as stadiums, shopping malls, entrance halls and other indoor environments.


BOSE FreeSpace 360P II - Outdoor Speaker

  • full frequencyAll-weather loudspeaker featuring a 4.5" (114mm) down-firing full-range, all-weather driver for in-ground or floor-mounted installations

    Domed Port GuardsReflects sound into the listening area for clear, consistent sound performance

    Cabinet shapeActs as a sound diffuser, directing mid and high frequency energy in the direction of the listener. Speaker base can be used as a speaker base for phase-optimization

    Multi-Tap Line TransformerProvides easy-to-change tap settings


    built-in speakerProtection circuit protects the sounding unit


    • shopping center
    • restaurants and bars
    • coffee shop
    • Resorts and Dining
    • theme park
    • Mall
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