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BOSE FreeSpace FS2SE - Wall Mount Speaker

Bose delivers the sound you expect, with the refinements you need.


The FreeSpace FS loudspeaker is the latest addition to our trusted line of in-ceiling and wall-mount loudspeakers, featuring major upgrades in durability, design, ease of installation, and surprisingly consistent sound quality. Designed for high-quality performance in background music and speech reinforcement applications, FS loudspeakers are suitable for nearly any commercial space. The series consists of five loudspeakers, offering two different levels of sound quality, with a new installation to match the modern aesthetic. FreeSpace FS loudspeakers are the perfect combination of performance and value for customers looking for consistent quality in the installed category.

BOSE FreeSpace FS2SE - Wall Mount Speaker

  • - Response to different weather, specially designed for installation in outdoor wet environment

    - Consistent sound quality across all FS models

    -Through the full-range unit, enjoy the extraordinary experience of both music and human voice, experience the clear reproduction of human voice and the smooth response of background music

    - The black and white upgraded shells are more in tune with the room design, they combine modern aesthetics with practical functions, and also have a detachable logo

    - A complete set of accessories is enough to adapt to local conditions to meet the needs of various applications and installations

    - Easy and hassle-free installation, all models feature Euroblock inputs, in-ceiling models have inputs on the front baffle

    - Ensuring public safety, all models comply with UL 1480 ULC-S541 certification for fire alarm signaling systems, suitable for life safety applications

  • 2.25-inch full-frequency unit, the lower limit of the low frequency can reach 83 Hz, and it can support two modes of constant resistance (16 ohms) and constant voltage (70/100V)

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