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BOSE L1 Pro16 - Portable PA Line Array Speaker

The size of L1 Pro16 is longer and larger than L1 Pro8, shorter and thinner than L1 Pro32.

The L1 Pro16 portable line array speaker system combines powerful sound effects and portability, with the advantages of simple design, high sound pressure level and wide low frequency range. With a J-shaped linear array composed of 16 sounding units, the L1 Pro16 can provide a 180-degree horizontal coverage sound range, especially suitable for small and medium-sized clubs, bars or other places.


The integrated subwoofer uses the left RaceTrack sound unit, which can provide powerful bass effect while avoiding the bulky appearance of the left side; the built-in multi-channel mixer can provide balance control, reverb and phantom power, and it also has Bluetooth wireless transmission function, Connect the L1 Pro16 to provide DJs, singer/songwriters or small bands with wide frequency range and excellent clarity - to bring out their best talents and keep the audience involved in the show with ease.

BOSE L1 Pro16 - Portable PA Line Array Speaker



    -Both powerful speakers and portability

    - It can achieve 180-degree horizontal coverage, tight vertical coverage at the top and wide coverage at the bottom, ensuring that it can cover all whether it is placed on the ground or on a raised stage, even in the corner of a large and medium-sized venue audience

    -Compact form factor for stronger bass

    -Modular three-piece system is easy to pack, carry and set up, and can be easily moved from the car to the venue

    -Add more instruments and other sources via dedicated ToneMatch port

    -Wireless control via the L1 Mix app on your smartphone


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