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BOSE L1 Pro32 - Portable PA Line Array System

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The L1 Pro32 is the most advanced Bose L1 portable line array PA system ever made by Bose. With the excellent clarity and powerful sound effect brought by the articulated array of 32 drivers, the L1 Pro32 can provide a 180-degree horizontal coverage sound range, which is ideal for large and medium-sized venues and events such as weddings, club parties or festivals Portable sound reinforcement system. The L1 Pro32 can be combined with a Bose Sub1 or Sub2 subwoofer to create a powerful, modular solution that's easy to pack, carry and set up. The built-in multi-channel mixer provides equalization control, reverb and phantom power. In addition, it has Bluetooth wireless transmission function, control EQ and ToneMatch preset library, and can also be controlled wirelessly by smartphone through the intuitive L1 Mix app.

BOSE L1 Pro32 - Portable PA Line Array System

  • Features:

    -Both powerful speakers and portability

    - It can achieve 180-degree horizontal coverage, tight vertical coverage at the top and wide coverage at the bottom, ensuring that it can cover all whether it is placed on the ground or on a raised stage, even in the corner of a large and medium-sized venue audience

    -Compact form factor for stronger bass

    -Modular three-piece system is easy to pack, carry and set up, and can be easily moved from the car to the venue

    -Add more instruments and other sources via dedicated ToneMatch port

    -Wireless control via the L1 Mix app on your smartphone

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