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BOSE L1 Pro8 - Portable PA Line Array Speaker

The L1 Pro8 Portable Sound Reinforcement System is always ready and ready to go in just a few simple steps. L1 Pro8 uses 8 speaker units to form an articulated C-shaped linear array, which can provide 180-degree horizontal coverage, especially suitable for small venues such as coffee shops and restaurants.


The integrated subwoofer adopts the left RaceTrack sound unit, which can provide powerful bass effect while avoiding the bulky appearance of the left side; the built-in multi-channel mixer can provide balance control, reverberation and embedded phantom power; there is also Bluetooth wireless transmission function, control EQ and ToneMatch preset library; can be controlled wirelessly by mobile phone through the intuitive L1 Mix app. The L1 Pro8 series is an ultra-portable system with an amazing size-to-performance ratio. Intuitive and easy to set up, the L1 Pro8 is designed to best showcase singer/songwriter and DJ talents and keep the audience engaged with the show.

BOSE L1 Pro8 - Portable PA Line Array Speaker

    • Get in, set up, and just go The most portable L1 Pro system, perfect for small venues like coffee shops and cafes
    • Generous coverage: C-shaped line array with 8 articulated 2″ new power cell drivers; 180-degree horizontal coverage with wide vertical distribution, allowing viewers to clearly hear whether they are sitting or standing, even in small to medium extreme side of the field
    • Premium full-range sound with consistent tonal balance for singer-songwriters, mobile DJs, and more
    • Maintaining supreme vocal and instrument clarity with a C-shaped extended frequency line array featuring 8 articulating 2″ new power cell drivers and wide 180-degree horizontal coverage
    • More Bass and Less Bulk with Integrated Subwoofer Features 7″ x 13″ High Touring Track Driver: Performance, Comparable to Traditional Circular Drivers in a Smaller Footprint
    • Go from vehicle to field in one trip with a modular three-piece system for easy packing, carrying and setting
    • Choose between optimized system EQ presets for live music, recorded music, and more
    • Easily connect a variety of audio sources via the built-in mixer, with two combo XLR-1/4″ phantom-powered inputs, 1/4″ and 1/8″ (3.5 mm) aux inputs, plus Bluetooth® streaming – and access to System EQ and ToneMatch presets, volume, tone and reverb controlled via lighting
    • Add more instruments and other audio sources via dedicated ToneMatch ports; a single cable provides power and digital audio between the system and a Bose T4S or T8S mixer (optional)
    • Wireless control using the L1 Mix app on your smartphone to instantly adjust settings from your phone, roam rooms and fine-tune, and access ToneMatch library of custom EQ presets
    • Stream high-quality Bluetooth® audio from compatible devices
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