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BOSE S1 Pro - Portable Multifunctional Music Speaker

multipurpose speaker

BOSE S1 Pro system multi-directional sound reinforcement speaker system

The latest from Bose! A full-range sound reinforcement speaker, floor monitor, instrument speaker, and PA music system, the S1 Pro is the latest addition to Bose's lineup of portables!

BOSE S1 Pro - Portable Multifunctional Music Speaker

HK$5,600.00 Regular Price
HK$4,999.00Sale Price
    • Small and lightweight system, amazing high-pressure output, can perform anytime, anywhere
    • Lightweight ultra-portable case with easy-access handle designed for easy transport
    • Built-in three-channel mixer, provides independent ToneMatch, Reverb and EQ control, and has Bluetooth wireless connection function
    • Multi-directional layout, Auto EQ (automatic EQ) can sense the orientation, and automatically apply the best sound quality adjusted by the original factory
    • Compatible with commercially available standard 35-mm speaker stands
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