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BOSE T4S TONEMATCH - Four-Track Personal Mixer

Music performers, when you have an amazing speaker system, you also need a mixer that can fully express your personal musical charm!


Bose Professional's new powerful eight-track T8S ToneMatch personal mixer and four-track T4S ToneMatch personal mixer offer unparalleled connectivity and intuitive control.

BOSE T4S TONEMATCH - Four-Track Personal Mixer

  • The compact T8S/T4S ToneMatch mixers are specially designed for performers, featuring:
    ◎Light-emitting controller suitable for the stage
    ◎Easy-to-read display screen and scene call function
    ◎ToneMatch powerful and advanced digital signal processing engine
    ◎Preset effect parameters (including studio quality effects and Bose zEQ equalization)
    ◎Optimized sound quality when used with Bose L1 and F1 speaker systems
    ◎Compressor, Limiter, Deesser, Denoiser, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Reverb, Built-in Beat Tempo Delay Control and Chromatic Tuner
    ◎The main output EQ can compensate the sound field effect of the venue space
    ◎Sturdy and durable shell with magnetic adsorption protection cover
    Bose T8S/T4S, a true partner for music performers.

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