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Kramer Kdock Series - High-End USB-C Hub Adapter

High-end USB-C hub adapter


Kdock is a USB−C hub multiport adapter designed to support mobile devices and is an ideal accessory for MacBooks, USB Type−C equipped laptops, smartphones and tablets.


Kramer Kdock Series - High-End USB-C Hub Adapter

PriceFrom HK$950.00
  • 4K @ 30 HDMIoutput

    USB 3.0Data and Charging Ports

    USB-CData port and charging passthrough


    KDock-1is specifically designed to support mobile devicesUSB-Chub multiport adapter, and isMacBook, equipped withUSB Type-CThe ideal accessory for laptops, smartphones and tablets.KDock-1allows you to convertUSB-Cdevice connected tohdmi™ video output,1indivualUSB 3.0port andUSB-Cport for data transfer and charging.

    Note: The video output of the smartphone only supportsUSB-CsupportDisplayPort Altpattern smartphone.

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