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Logitech CONNECT - Portable Conference Camera

Portable conference cameraBluetooth®Microphone amplifier for small rooms, home offices and on the go

Logitech CONNECT - Portable Conference Camera

  • Flexible video that works in any workplace

    Simplify video conferencing work, start or join meetings anytime, anywhere. Make it affordable so you can equip every meeting room with video. Designed for small spaces and home offices, Logitech Connect is compact and mobile so you can take it anywhere.


    Perfect for small spaces

    Logitech Connect isn't just about its award-winning design—video conferencing is so easy, everyone can set it up, and it's affordable enough to bring video to every meeting room. Designed for desktop use and small spaces, this video conferencing solution offers a wide 90° diagonal field of view through a sharp pan, tilt, and 4x zoom optical lens so everyone in the room can see clearly visible.


    Portable conference cameraBluetoothMicrophone amplifier for small spaces, home offices and on the go

    • Superior video and audio in a compact 75 mm (3 ft.) form factor
    • Works with your meeting and videoconferencing apps
    • Equipped with rechargeable battery for portability without plugging in
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