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Logitech GROUP - Full-featured USB Conference Portfolio

Affordable video conferencing system for medium-sized conference rooms


The ideal solution for medium-sized rooms

GROUPYes we apply to have48A video conferencing solution for rooms with individual seats, providing high-qualityHDVideo and crystal-clear audio turn any meeting place into a video conferencing space. With advanced features like echo cancellation, noise reduction technology, and intuitive controls, everyone can join the discussion more easily.

Logitech GROUP - Full-featured USB Conference Portfolio

HK$9,900.00 Regular Price
HK$8,500.00Sale Price
  • Plug and play simplicity

    USBPlug-and-play connectivity allowsGROUPIt only takes a short time to deploy and use. just throughUSBWillGROUPConnect to the conference room computer or your laptop and get started.GROUPWorks with any video conferencing software, including the one you already use. For premium sound audio calls, use Bluetooth wireless technology to connect your mobile device toGROUPMic amplifier pairing.


    Optional equipment for more flexible functions

    Customize settings to match the layout and size of your room. The camera can be mounted on a table, tripod or wall. Optional expansion microphone extends audio coverage to8.5meter. Add optional10Meter or15Meter cables to increase the effective range of microphone amplifiers or cameras.


    HD Video

    useGROUPhigh quality lens,10times lossless zoom andHD 1080p/30Productivity, keep meeting focus. use pan/Use the tilt control to perfectly align the frame with presenters and whiteboards, and use the zoom function for crisp details.GROUPof90° The field of view provides the perfect view for medium to large conference rooms, and the motorized pan and tilt function provides reach up and down, front and back, to cover the entire room.


    Natural and Vivid Audio

    throughGROUPWith the latest full-duplex microphone amplifier, everyone can clearly hear each other's conversation, providing crisp, clear and highly intelligible sound. Echo cancellation and noise reduction technologies make conversations sound natural while reducing reverberation and ambient noise.

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