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Logitech GROUP Cable - Camera Extension Cable (10m/15m)

Longer cables for very large rooms

Adapt to very large conference room environments with the Logitech GROUP 10/15m Extension Cable This cable triples the distance from the hub to the camera or microphone amplifier, up to 10/15m, compared to the standard cable included with GROUP . This plenum-level cable is specially designed and manufactured by Logitech for Logitech GROUP , which can be installed through the conduit to provide a clean conference room installation environment.

Logitech GROUP Cable - Camera Extension Cable (10m/15m)

PriceFrom HK$999.00
    • technical specifications

      connection type

      • Mini-DIN-6


      • Emissions: FCC Class A, CE
      • Regulations: RoHS
      • Flammability: UL/CSA Type CMP
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