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Logitech MeetUp - All-In-One USB Conference Camera

MeetUp Designed for small rooms and other small spaces, it packs great features into a compact size.

Logitech MeetUp - All-In-One USB Conference Camera

HK$8,290.00 Regular Price
HK$6,240.00Sale Price
  • speak easily

    With full duplex and advanced beamforming technology

    Voice and video coming from the front of the room is just the first step in a natural conversation.RightSound™Technology includes a beam-forming microphone array that captures speech, automatically adjusts loud or soft volume and suppresses noise.


    computer vision

    MeetUphaveRightSight™Computer vision technology that can automatically adjust the camera position and zoom to find people in the room for framing. Unlike voice tracking systems that jump from person to person,RightSightFrame everyone in the conversation in a more comfortable and collaborative way.



    use logitechSyncdevice management

    LogitechSyncEasily supports all your roomsMeetUp, while minimizing the need for on-site visits and problem repairsAll through a simple browser-based interface


    5times zoom

    Aiming the screen perfectly at the presenter will minimize distracting background elements. Zoom whiteboards and objects so remote participants can see what you're viewing. through advanced4KWith an image sensor, video stays sharp and clear, even when you zoom in on details.


    Excellent camera optics

    MeetUpEquipped with well-designed and manufactured excellent camera optics, it can take wide-angle images without distorting the appearance and interior furnishings with a "fisheye" effect. Faces look more natural, whiteboard writing is legible and straight lines are straight.


    Extended range

    apply toMeetUpThe Logitech Expansion Mic provides more flexibility for crowded room configurations.MeetUpThe built-in beamforming microphone is optimized for a maximum pickup range of up to4meter. To extend the range to the maximum5Meters, please add an extension microphone. This way, whether people are sitting at a table, sitting against a wall, or walking around the room,MeetUpThe extended microphone makes everyone's voice heard clearly.



    When you need to adjust the volume, mute the microphone, or manually control the camera position,MeetUpThe remote control uses radio frequency(RF)Signals give you reliable, granular control anywhere in the room. You can even download freeLogi Remoteapplication viaiphoneoripadto controlMeetUp.


    Protect the wall

    Can't drill? no problem. By connecting theVESAmount point,MeetUpThe optional TV mount kit allows you to attachMeetUpPlace above or below the display without drilling new holes.



    LogitechRightSense™Active technology makes running great meetings easy and automatic.RightSoundoptimizes human speech and enhances dialogue clarity,RightSightautomatically moves the camera and adjusts the zoom to get everyone in frame, andRightLightHelp everyone look their best on camera, no matter the lighting conditions.

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