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Logitech MEETUP Mic - MEETUP Expansion Microphone

**For Logitech MEETUP only

Excellent sound quality in larger rooms

apply toMeetUpThe Logitech Expansion Mic provides more flexibility for crowded room configurations. Meetup The built-in beamforming microphone is optimized for a maximum pickup range of up to4meter. To extend the range to the maximum5Meters, please add an extension microphone. This way, whether people are sitting at a table, against a wall, or standing indoors,MeetUpThe extended microphone makes everyone's voice heard clearly.

Logitech MEETUP Mic - MEETUP Expansion Microphone

  • technical specifications
    connection type:plug and play
    indicator light
    (LED):Confirm video streaming, microphone mute, call on hold, and Bluetooth pairing statusledlight.
    microphone type
    :Mono, Broadband, Noise Isolation
    /switch:microphone mute
    cable length
    :6 feet

  • exist5Clear sound can be heard even at a distance of 10 meters
    Because rooms vary in size, we manufacture expansion microphones to provide flexibility for use in different room configurations. Expansion microphones can beMeetUpMicrophone range extended to5meter.

    Easily mute calls
    The mic mute button lets you mute the entire mic amplifier system remotely from across the table. Lights up when the microphone is muted, when a call is in progress, and when Bluetooth wireless pairing is in progress.

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