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Logitech MEETUP TV Mount - TV Mount Kit


Installation Options for MeetUp ConferenceCam

Securely mount Logitech MEETUP to a TV or monitor

Logitech TV Mount Kit for MeetUp securely places the  MeetUp ConferenceCam  above or below a flat-panel display and includes industry standard VESA mounting points, Compatible with most TVs and monitors.


  • TV mounting kit: 939-001498
  • TV Mounting Kit XL: 939-001656

Logitech MEETUP TV Mount - TV Mount Kit

PriceFrom HK$1,098.00
  • Can be mounted above or below the display

    The unique design of this TV mount kit allows the MeetUp to be mounted above or below a monitor. Mounting MeetUp under the TV provides the most natural video experience, but this mounting kit offers both options.

    Compatible with most flat screen TVs

    Most flat-screen TVs follow the VESA standard for mounting point locations on the back of the TV. The TV Mount Kit for MeetUp features a swing arm design and multiple mounting holes to work with virtually any flat panel monitor.

    Adapt to any screen size

    Perfect for big and small screens. Choose the TV Mount Kit for screens up to 1397mm (measured diagonally), or use the TV Mount Kit XL for screens up to 2286mm in size.

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