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Logitech Options - Product Apps

Nice to have OPTIONS

Logitech Options is a powerful, easy-to-use application that enhances your Logitech mouse, keyboard and trackpad. Customize your device with Options to get more done, faster.


Instantly increase productivity

Logitech Options is very easy to use and offers amazing features. Your devices are displayed as on-screen images, allowing you to quickly and easily find, switch, and configure devices. This software combines Logitech's years of excellent hardware and smart software.

Logitech Options - Product Apps

  • Custom Buttons and Actions

    Reassign any button on your mouse to do almost anything. For advanced devices, you can also adjust the scroll wheel, cursor settings, etc. 1Mouse button customization is available on Windows and macOS, and F function key customization is only available on Windows. . Enhance and configure your key functions to make your Logitech keyboard more convenient.


    Optimized gestures for Windows®  and macOS

    Recreate familiar trackpad gestures when you press the gesture button. Hold down and move the mouse up, down, left, and right to launch different actions, such as Task View on Windows, or Mission Control on a Mac. You can also control playback, pan, zoom and rotation of your media.

    application-specific settings

    Get the most out of your favorite apps, like Zoom®  or Microsoft Teams®. Application-specific settings allow you to customize the buttons on your MX Master 3, MX Anywhere 3 or ERGO M575 mouse. Use the forward button to start or stop a Zoom video, or press and hold the back button to mute/unmute the microphone. Customize your buttons for each application you use.

    See the status of your device at a glance

    With the Notifications & Status feature, you can know device-specific information at the right time, such as battery level, button backlight brightness, and Caps Lock status. Knowing when your battery is about to die and when it needs to be recharged will never be too late. For keyboards with the Easy-Switch™ feature, you can see which computer is paired to channels 1-2-3.  

    multiple devices. Smooth FLOW.

    With Logitech Flow, using two or three computers at the same time is no problem at all. Just move your cursor to the edge of the screen and it will automatically switch between computers. Text, images and files can also be easily transferred between computers - just copy on one computer and paste on another.

    Backup your device settings

    Create an account in Options and automatically back up your device settings to the cloud. You can retrieve these settings from your backup files to easily configure your device from any computer.

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