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Logitech RALLY - Professional Full-featured USB Conference Portfolio

Excellent full-featured video conferencing system for small conference rooms

- Connects to virtually any PC or Mac via USB, no additional software required.

- Run Zoom®, Microsoft Teams®  and other supported video conferencing applications directly on the device, no computer or laptop required.

-Ensure a clean, reliable installation with secure cable retention and clean cable routing.

- Quickly and easily deploy the Rally Bar Mini in all your huddle rooms with multiple mounting options.

Logitech RALLY - Professional Full-featured USB Conference Portfolio

PriceFrom HK$24,600.00
  • beautiful appearance

    Elevate the meeting experience in large boardrooms with movie-quality video, outstanding color, and superior optical accuracy.


    keep focus

    RallyuseAI, human image detection and automatedPTZ, respond to the dynamics of the meeting and keep the camera aligned with the current action.


    excellent sound

    RallyThe ultra-low-distortion speakers deliver clear, full-bodied sound, ensuring every sound is heard.


    Capture the sound of every seat

    RallyA beautifully sensitive microphone ensures everyone in the meeting can be heard.


    extended dialog

    can increase up to7microphones for larger groups and a convenient mute control.



    LogitechRightSight Camera control technology automatically moves and adjusts the camera to comfortably point it at attendees in conference rooms of all shapes and sizes.


    let the sun shine

    Wide dynamic range, even in conference rooms with bright windows(WDR)LogitechRightLight The technology also prioritizes faces and people over objects and surfaces. The result is a light-balanced image that reduces glare and softens shadows for meeting attendees in decent lighting, even in dim or backlit conditions.


    Automatic pan, tilt and zoom

    Pan and tilt speeds are automatically adjusted to match the zoom level. The result: faster camera movement when zooming out for quicker focus, and slower camera movement for greater control when zooming in.


    Conference room audio from straight ahead

    Unlike desktop microphone amplifiers that separate voice and video,RallyThe horn is specifically designed to be placed directly in front of the room. By aligning the speaker with the monitor, the voice and video of the person is coming from the same place, not from behind you, so the conversation becomes more natural and vivid.


    loud and clear

    RallyThe display hub can power up to two speakers, providing full-bodied sound even in large rooms. The patented suspension system virtually eliminates all vibration transmitted through walls, stands and conference tables. This enhances the echo cancellation while keeping the camera shake-free, even at high volume and when zooming in.


    Optional mounting kit

    join inRallyMounting kits allow for smooth installation of one component. A sturdy wall mount provides ideal placement for the camera and two speakers, while the versatile mounting plate can be mounted on a monitor, and the table hub can be mounted on a wall or under a table. Two smartly designed holders hold the cable securely.



    for more than10room for participants, can be addedRallymicrophone to extend audio coverage and provide easy access to mute controls. Each microphone can add six or more participants, so you can46Large meeting space for people and deployment of large meeting roomsRally.


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