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Logitech RALLY Mic - RALLY Expansion Microphone

** Only for Logitech RALLY series 

apply toRally,Rally BarandRally Bar Mini,haveRightSound technology modular microphone

Logitech RALLY Mic - RALLY Expansion Microphone

  • Beautiful appearance with excellent sound
    These microphones feature a sleek, low-profile design and high-quality materials for clear, natural dialogue. Individual microphones feature multiple beamforming elements to accurately pick up speech without distraction. In large conference rooms, deploying additional microphones can extend the beamforming microphone matrix to the entire conference room.

    Hear everyone's voice
    While normal microphones pick up all sound, these microphones only pick up speech. haveRightSound™technology, which can automatically adjust the volume, suppress noise, eliminate echo, and make the conversation more vivid and natural.

    simple wiring work
    Microphones can be daisy-chained for complete coverage of conference rooms with long tables. forutype table or single-wire routing through ring holes,Rallymicrophone hubThe accessory offers three wiring options for optimal placement and easy-to-use silent control.

    elegant design
    RallyCombining advanced technology and strong build quality, the microphone offers excellent range and excellent sensitivity. Carefully selected materials are fingerprint and stain resistant, while color-codedledIcons provide clear visual confirmation when the sound is muted.

    High and low installation
    Enhance the look of your conference room with the appropriate microphone mount kit. The compact form factor and clever design details allow the microphone to be mounted on tables and ceilings and hide wiring for a clean look.

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    supportRightSound modular microphone forRally Bar Mini, Rally BarandRall

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