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Logitech RALLY Mounting Kit - Mounting Kit

Custom mounting options for sleek installation and secure cable routing

Sleek, stable and flexible mounting system

With the included brackets and mounting hardware, installation of each Rally system component is seamless. The camera mount offers a secure and secure wall mount above or below a monitor, or a clever upside-down mount close to the ceiling. Use the low-profile brackets to mount the speaker directly to the wall. Use the versatile hardware to place the hub on a wall or under a desk, then attach securely with the cable holder for a professional look.

Logitech RALLY Mounting Kit - Mounting Kit

  • Reversible camera mount

    The camera mount provides the flexibility to mount the camera on the wall directly above or below the display to maintain natural line-of-sight and eye contact with far-end participants. For larger meeting spaces, the mount can be reversed to mount the camera closer to the ceiling for a wider field of view. The tripod thread and three-point mounting system provide stability and help keep the camera steady while moving the lens.

    low profile speaker stand

    Each component of the Rally Mount Kit is tailored to the element it supports. Two brackets that secure the Rally speakers to either side of the monitor create a stylish 'floating' look while allowing the speakers themselves to develop their full acoustic capabilities. The result: lively conversational voices that help bring people together even when the enabled technology unobtrusively fades into the background.

    Multipurpose stand for monitor hubs and desk hubs

    Two multipurpose hub mounts provide a variety of mounting options to mount the monitor hub and desk hub on a wall or under a desk. The rack features an elevated design to ensure adequate airflow for reliable cooling.

    Fixing bracket for cable arrangement

    Prevent accidental disconnection and related problems, and keep cables clean and tidy.   Each two-piece bracket fits near the monitor hub and desk hub to ensure secure insertion of power, A/V, and data cables.

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