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Logitech SWYTCH - Hub

Connect your laptop to the room system's AV equipment for any video conferencing or webinar.

Logitech SWYTCH - Hub

  • any meeting, any room

    Logitech Swytch is designed for maximum compatibility and incorporates DisplayLink® Plug-and-Display  technology to provide a single conference camera and display for conference rooms A cable-connected laptop makes it easy for teams to meet, present and stream from any service.


    Flexible Conference Room Solutions

    With Swytch, you can deploy video conferencing solutions from service providers like Microsoft or Zoom, while also using other video services in the meeting room.


    Designed for Simple Use

    To join or host a video conference, simply plug the iconic Swytch connector into any laptop with a USB 3.0 or higher Type A or Type C port. No need for adapters, splitters and HDMI.


    Wisdom topology

    Deploying Swytch in a conference room using a USB conference camera is easy. Simply connect the Swytch hub to the meeting room equipment, then place the Swytch connection in an easily accessible place.


    everything is in order

    Swytch integrates beautifully with your conference room. Use the included magnetic base to keep your desk clean and organized, or run cables through the existing cable port Swytch connectors. Either way, the reliable cable retention keeps the connection tight.

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