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POLY | HP CALITAO 7200 - USB Bluetooth Conference Speaker

CALISTO 7200 Features
1. Microphone provides 360-degree audio coverage
Four omnidirectional microphones create intelligible audio performance by activating the direction of the speaker's voice

2. Locking mechanism
Secure devices in huddle rooms

3. Plug and Play USB
Easily set up conference calls with plug-and-play USB

4. Intuitive Controls
Simplify call management with intuitive touch-sensitive controls to answer/end, mute and adjust volume on PC or smartphone

POLY | HP CALITAO 7200 - USB Bluetooth Conference Speaker

HK$2,340.00 Regular Price
HK$1,872.00Sale Price
  • Stereo Bluetooth speaker with four directional microphones
    If you expect great conferencing in small conference rooms, the Calisto 7200 is for you. Equipped with four directional microphones, this speaker provides 360˚ audio coverage and filters out disturbing noise. With USB and Bluetooth connectivity and touch-sensitive controls, the Calisto 7200 is always at your fingertips.


    Powerful sound for small conference rooms

    The Calisto 7200 is designed for conference rooms with 4 to 6 people, ensuring clear audio quality for both parties on the call. 360˚ full-room coverage with acoustic echo cancellation ensures distraction-free collaboration.


    It can start whenever you are ready

    The ease of use of the Calisto 7200 lets you spend more time collaborating and less time troubleshooting. Right out of the box, the amplifier connects seamlessly to your laptop via USB or your smartphone via Bluetooth. Intuitive touch-sensitive call controls let you easily answer calls, end calls, mute and control volume, while Bluetooth clearing makes it easy for new users to connect.

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