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POLY | HP VOYAGER Free 60 UC - True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Wireless headphones live up to their name and are perfect for work and life


✔Support the 3.5MM interface of the aircraft to replace the public headset of the aircraft
✔ Smart touchscreen wireless charging case to easily monitor usage status and sound effects
✔ Newly designed microphone conference-level audio processing technology
✔The patented noise reduction effect of years of research is applied to personal products for the first time
✔Certified by leading virtual conferencing providers such as Microsoft, Zoom, Google, etc. Designed for hybrid office mode 
✔Multipoint technology can connect up to two Bluetooth devices at once to seamlessly manage calls between mobile phones and PCs
✔ Apple certified

POLY | HP VOYAGER Free 60 UC - True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset

HK$2,999.00 Regular Price
HK$2,499.00Sale Price
  • Meet the new work headset

    meeting time focus time self time

    The Voyager Free 60 is the hybrid office solution that is always there for you. Isolate your voice with ANC and a three-microphone array, ensuring both parties on the call can hear crystal clear. This smart charging case* not only keeps you on the move, but also puts you instantly in touch with your team, connecting to playlists, podcasts and even your in-flight entertainment system at your fingertips. Your IT department will also approve the devices because they are certified to work with the latest conferencing platforms and can be centrally managed from anywhere in the world.


    Increase the volume to block out the noise

    Advanced microphone design and audio processing technology

    Microphone check, one, two, three. Each headset features a three-microphone array that triangulates your voice to minimize surrounding noise, ensuring your voice is always loud and clear no matter where you take a call. With WindSmart technology, you can carry on conversations easily and move around throughout the day without interruption.


    Focus on work and isolate distractions

    Excellent noise cancellation for an uninterrupted listening experience

    Whether it's at a loud coffee shop or a bustling commute, the noise around you won't be a distraction. Adaptive Hybrid ANC automatically adjusts your fit to eliminate just the right amount of noise for a quiet and comfortable experience. Transparency Mode features two user settings to dial back natural ambient sound without removing the earbuds.


    One glance, one touch, and everything under control

    Status and audio at your fingertips

    With the Voyager Free 60+, you can mute calls, adjust the volume, connect to external sources, and switch devices without hanging up or stopping the task at hand. Thanks to a color touchscreen display and intuitive icons, the Smart Charging Case lets you know the information you need so you can act on it quickly. Use fast charging to get an extra hour of talk time for every 15 minutes of charging; fully charge the headset twice for up to 16.5 hours of active talk time.


    everything just right

    Immersive Stereo Sound

    From work to playlist, never miss a beat. High-fidelity sound and 10mm speakers turn the headset into a portable stereo. So when you need a break, you can stream music, shows, podcasts and games.


    does not affect its popularity

    comfortable, comfortable, comfortable

    Designed with comfort in mind, the Voyager Free 60 headphones seamlessly switch from 9-5 to 5-9 and back again so you won't miss a thing. Slim and lightweight at 5.8 grams, these wireless headphones feature three sizes of tapered ear tips that minimize in-ear pressure while providing ideal audio isolation. Advanced sidetone technology allows you to realize how loudly you are speaking without straining your voice.


    Connect to more content you want to hear

    Switch seamlessly between multiple devices

    Multipoint technology connects up to two Bluetooth® devices at once without re-syncing, idling or searching for a signal. Seamlessly manage calls between your phone and PC without missing a beat.


    Go wireless with wired resources

    The Smart Charging Case is equipped with a 3.5mm audio port for easy connection to external sources, such as in-flight entertainment systems, to enjoy movies without cables.


    Designed for enterprise use

    IT Certified!

    Built for the hybrid office. The Voyager Free 60 Series comes with Poly Lens Desktop, iPhone and Android apps, allowing both users and IT to customize the experience. Because the headset is optimized for communication platforms and certified by leading virtual conferencing providers such as Microsoft, Zoom, Google, and more, it delivers the highest standard of audio quality on these platforms. Using Lens cloud management software, IT can also proactively configure and manage a full deployment of Poly headsets and gain insight and analysis of the health of the entire device.

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