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POLY | HP STUDIO - USB All-In-One Conference Combo

A quality USB video device
Experience unprecedented conference audio
Experience Natural Video Effects
Easy for IT to manage and deploy


Fully upgrade the collaboration experience​
Whether you want to make a persuasive point or form a lasting connection, you need technology that allows you to interact naturally. Get rid of frustrating video conferencing experiences. Now, with Poly Studio, you can see everyone clearly, hear everyone, and talk naturally. A simple USB connection gets you up and running quickly, letting technology run smoothly in the background while putting you in the foreground, providing an enterprise-grade solution for everyone working in huddle spaces. It's time to raise the bar in video conferencing - and it's time to use Poly Studio.


*Gifts are limited and while stocks last.


POLY | HP STUDIO - USB All-In-One Conference Combo

  • 1. Top-notch audio
    Delivering the best audio in its class, Poly Studio makes every word of a call come through clearly. You probably can't imagine how well a USB video device can work.

    2. NOISEBLOCKAI artificial intelligence noise shielding technology
    The only USB video device on the market with NoiseBlockAI technology, which intelligently blocks out distracting sounds for meetings.

    3. ACOUSTIC FENCE pickup magic wall technology
    Noise and conversation outside calls can be eliminated with Acoustic Fence technology, capturing only speech within a specific range.

    4. Automatic framing
    Focus on the meeting instead of controlling the device with automatic group framing and speaker tracking. And it's built-in, requiring no drivers or software on the PC. "Smooth movement" and picture and "conversation" modes can make the collaborative experience richer.

    5. Easy to manage
    Cloud-based management tools make software updates and settings changes easier, and IT can centrally manage and deploy at scale without leaving their desks, helping to eliminate the “sneakernet.”

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