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POLY | HP STUDIO E70 - Dual 4K USB Smart Cameras

with2000CMOS4Ksensor dual lens
AIDriven camera array
electric switch Electronic Privacy Shield
Poly Lensmanagement software
can be connected toPoly G7500andPoly Microsoft Teams Room


POLY | HP STUDIO E70 - Dual 4K USB Smart Cameras

  • 1.Any room can be connected to the meeting room

    We've finally built a camera with a smart design for smarter hybrid meetings

    Poly Studio E70A first-of-its-kind smart camera, it empowers meeting rooms with stunning video quality, advanced audio capabilities and next-generation analytics. equipped with2,000CMOS4KThe dual lens of the sensor is inPoly Director AIWith the blessing of technology, it can create an unparalleled video experience, which is ideal for mixed office environments.

    2.Crystal Clear Video

    dual lens and2,000CMOS4Ksensor for lifelike image quality

    Use in large conference roomsPoly Studio E70, for smooth, unnoticeable transitions between wide-angle and narrow-angle shots. Participants will be able to clearly see everyone in the room without missing a single detail.

    3.high quality meeting

    POLY DIRECTORAIProvides precise speaker tracking and professional-grade group framing

    Poly Director AITechnology creates an unrivaled video experience, like having a director with you in the room at all times, ensuring participants can see everyone in the room, perfect for hybrid meetings.

    4.Standard Privacy Protection Configuration

    Motorized integrated electronic privacy shutter provides instant privacy protection

    We have designed this camera with users in mind, such as a motorized integrated electronic privacy shutter for added security.

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