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POLY | HP STUDIO P15 - USB All-In-One Webcam

product description

Personal Smart Video Device
With superior optics and tiny speakers
Camera auto-framing lets you move with confidence
Easy to install and up and running in seconds


stand out, stand out
Look your best. Control every call
by virtue ofPoly Studio P15Video equipment stands out. Superior optics, powerful audio capabilities, automatic camera framing, and advanced noise-masking technology let you move freely and stay in control of conversations. Stylish video equipment is easy to install whilePoly LensCan beITThe staff provides the tools to make sure everything runs smoothly and easily.

POLY | HP STUDIO P15 - USB All-In-One Webcam

HK$5,267.00 Regular Price
HK$5,003.65Sale Price
  • 1.Show your best image and shine
    Camera auto-framing keeps you in focus
    The camera's automatic framing always takes you as the center of field of view, so you don't have to sit in a chair all the time. When you can move, you can maintain high energy. When your energy is high, you're able to keep your audience fully engaged in the meeting. by virtue ofPoly Studio P15With the automatic viewfinder function of the camera, you can move around freely, but you are always in the focus position.


    2.Always ready for your close-up
    Small size, enjoy crystal-clear audio-visual effects
    Poly Studio P15Personal video devices are stylishly designed and give you everything you need to get great picture quality and sound on your video calls. Superior Optics and High Performance4KImage sensors that let you shine.


    3.Smart Voice makes you sound smart and sane
    Innovative Acoustics Redefined"loud and clear"
    Poly Acoustic Innovations Enable Blurred Audio and"please say it again"become history, and the first pair of headphones on the moon came fromPolyPolymath. Integrated speakers feature an acoustic suspension with passive radiators for rich sound, while an advanced multi-microphone array follows your movements to pick up sound so your voice is heard clearly.


    4.Excellent sound
    Keep up the good sound. Block out the noise.
    No matter where you work, there may be noise around you-Coworkers chatting near the water cooler, dogs barking, your toddler having an emergency, you name it. by virtue ofNoise Block AIAI noise masking technology andAcoustic fencePickup magic wall technology, which can prevent noise interference and outside conversations from interfering with the meeting. Prevent interruptions and avoid embarrassing situations.


    5.Free to choose the way of working
    Works with any video application
    No need to learn new knowledge.Poly Studio P15Compatible with the video applications you know. Just pass the simpleUSBConnect to yourPCorMac, can revolutionize your video conferencing experience.

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