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POLY | HP STUDIO P5 - USB Portable Webcam

professional webcam

Superior camera optics and automatic low light compensation

Make calls clear no matter where you work

You Can Take It Anywhere: Small, Rugged, Portable

Make life simple: easy to use, install, manage and troubleshoot


Make the meeting experience the way you want it

Your image is the top priority

usePoly Studio P5Webcam, bring unexpected effects to your professional image. finely tunedPolyPoly optics keep you looking your best and help you take control of the conversation. It's all made possible by a small, rugged webcam that's easy to install and use.ITpersonnel havePoly LensAfter that, it will be easier to manage.

POLY | HP STUDIO P5 - USB Portable Webcam

HK$1,200.00 Regular Price
HK$840.00Sale Price
  • 1.Professional Grade Camera Optics

    Stunning Color and Clarity

    Automatic low-light compensation and bright colors let you look your best without being left in the dark. have1080Presolution and4The camera with multi-fold digital zoom makes the lens focus on you unbiasedly.


    2.focused directional microphone

    only hear what should be heard

    Poly Studio P5The directional microphone clearly captures your voice while ignoring distracting noise that can interrupt calls. For the best experience, pair thePolyHeadphones or speakers so you can have important conversations with confidence.



    Use a wireless connection toPoly Studio P5webcamPolyPoly headphones or speakers simplify installation. Just open the back door of the garage and set it upUSB-AWireless adapter and there you go! Your audio and video capabilities are ready to go.


    4.Free to choose the way of working

    Works with any video application

    No need to learn new knowledge.Poly Studio P5Compatible with the video applications you know. Just pass the simpleUSBConnect to yourPCorMac, can revolutionize your video conferencing experience.


    5.Privacy Cover Avoids Unpleasant Video Failures

    Naked child. A dog jumping up and down. You may be fully dressed, but what's behind you may not be photogenic.Poly Studio P5The integrated privacy cover on the camera gives you an extra level of control to keep you from being in the frame at inappropriate times. along with others.

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