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POLY|HP SYNC40 - USB/Bluetooth Conference Room Smart Speaker

product description

Smart speakers for flexible/huddle spaces
Turn a small or flexible space into a powerful meeting room
Reduce echo and noise so everyone can hear you clearly
Excellent sound quality for professional meetings
Enjoy easy setup and start meetings faster


POLY|HP SYNC40 - USB/Bluetooth Conference Room Smart Speaker

HK$2,355.00 Regular Price
HK$2,190.15Sale Price
  • Great Sound for Flexible Workplaces
    Extraordinary sound quality, providing an excellent call experience anytime, anywhere
    Enterprise development is changing with each passing day. Joining virtual meetings should also be fast.Poly Sync 40 USB/Bluetooth® Smart speakers allow users to get to work right away. Great-sounding speakers that are easy to use, perfect for flexible and huddle collaboration spaces.Poly Sync 40passZoomCertification, seamless connectionZoomcommunication experience.


    easy toITuse
    Get rid of complicated setup and user training,ITPeople no longer have to worry about
    No user training required, just deploy and it's done,Poly Sync 40It is so convenient. forITFor personnel, inventory tracking information and status updates can be easily grasped through remote device management.

    Extended meeting space
    Turn a Small Space Into a Professional Audio Conference Room
    Wirelessly pair two devices for use in large conference rooms. The device can provide up to30hours of talk time.

    Updated for better performance
    Get the most out of your investment
    usePolyPoly device management solutions for easy access to the latest updates (some solutions sold separately).

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