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POLY | HP SYNC60 - USB/Bluetooth Conference Room Smart Speaker

Smart speakers for conference roomsdevice
Rich surround sound
Clear speech from anywhere in the meeting room
work the way you want Just plug it in and start working

POLY | HP SYNC60 - USB/Bluetooth Conference Room Smart Speaker

HK$4,710.00 Regular Price
HK$4,670.00Sale Price
  • 1.Powerful, high-performance speakers keep your voice loud and clear

    Well-designed dual speakers deliver incredible sound that can fill an entire conference room. A six-microphone array ensures everyone in the room can hear clearly while helping to block out echoes and noise.

    2.Start any meeting with an instant connection

    Users only need to pass the bluetooth®Connect wirelessly or via a combinedUSB-A/USB-CWith a wired connection, you can easily connect devices and let your work do what you want. built-inUSBThe video camera makes it easy to switch from audio call input to video call input.

    3.Get rid of complicated setup and user training,ITPeople no longer have to worry about

    Ready to use once deployed-Instead of having to learn how to navigate a new interface, teams can work directly with familiar collaboration applications on their devices. forITFor personnel, inventory tracking information and status updates can be easily grasped through remote device management.

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