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POLY | HP VOYAGER FOCUS2 Series - Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Stereo bluetooth headset

Work anytime, anywhere Our best noise canceling product yet

Superior stereo sound for calls, multimedia and music

super comfortable headband

Continuous talk time up to19Hours to ensure smooth calls throughout the day


Voyager Focus 2 UC: Use the included brand newBT700 USBThe adapter connects to the computer, extending the wireless range. or through5.1version of Bluetooth to connect to your mobile device.

Voyager Focus 2 Office: Connects to desk phone (via phone interface cable), computer (viaUSB-Acable) and mobile devices (via Bluetooth version5.1), there is also an office dock to charge the headset.

POLY | HP VOYAGER FOCUS2 Series - Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

PriceFrom HK$1,474.40
  • 1.enjoyFOCUSPleasant sound quality

    Smart design for flawless sound

    useVoyager Focus 2Creates a focus zone around you.Voyager Focus 2Three levels of hybrid active noise cancellation(ANC)technology to make sure you only hear the conversation clearly. product adoptionPoly Acoustic FenceWith the professional-grade microphone of pickup magic wall technology, the other party will only hear your voice clearly. It's exactly what you're looking forPolyPoly's next-generation engineering design meets your needs for all-day comfort.


    2.focus area

    3Levels of Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation modes

    Experience superior sound quality that no one else can match. with the help of3advanced digital blendingANCto increase call volume and eliminate distracting background noise. With this headset, you can confidently carry on your most important conversations.


    3.crystal clear dialogue

    only hear what should be heard

    The other party will hear your loud voice clearly. This is also the full sound that both parties in the call can hear.Voyager Focus 2The compact microphone boom on theAco​​ustic fencePickup Magic Wall technology creates a virtual noise-free bubble in front of your mouth. This microphone is so good that it even satisfies theMicrosoft TeamsRequirements for advanced microphones in open office environments. Create a focal point for you to focus on your voice.


    4.Wearing it feels as easy as not wearing it

    Fits easily and is comfortable on the ear and on the head

    Wear an ultra-comfortable headband with a super-cushioned lanyard and comfortable ear cushions so you can focus on your calls all day.Voyager Focus 2Designed with your needs in mind Keep you focused and productive throughout the day.


    5.Match the way you work

    All-day battery life ensures users stay connected

    Talk time up to19hours, ensuring smooth calls throughout the day. When you need more functionality, just plug in the cable and use it as a corded headset.


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