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自疫後,即使無法Work From Home / Remote Working,但絕大部分會議都轉型為視像會議。因此會議室的功能是否完善亦成為公司競爭力的核心關鍵。


WEBA Prosumer專業會議室移動方案提供 All-in-one會議設備,集聲、畫、電於一身,用家只要一車在手,於任何房間都可以開始高品質視像會議。會議車移動亦十分方便,無輪男女都可以一個人推動。

【New Normal|All-in-one|Professional Set in Conference Room】

After the pandemic, most meetings are transforming into video conferences although people cannot work from home / remote working. Thus, the function and level of the conference room has become the core key to the company's competitiveness.

A professional conference room can add on modern all-in-one solution besides traditional VC products, that makes the conference space more flexible.

WEBA Prosumer professional mobile conference solution provides all-in-one conference devices, which includes audio, video, and electricity in one. Any conference room can start a high quality conference once you have the VC car on hand. Ladies or gentlemen can easily move the car too.


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