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【Prosumer Choice|你是怎樣WFH ?|4呎小空間打造專業 All-in-one 個人會議組合|WFH入門版】

【Prosumer Choice|你是怎樣WFH ?|4呎小空間打造專業 All-in-one 個人會議組合|WFH入門版】

疫情至今二年,大家都習慣Work From Home / Remote Working,身處香港彈丸之地就未必每個人都有足夠環境條件WFH。為此,WEBA為各位Prosumer精選一系列組產品助大家。

WEBA Prosumer入門版包括專業工作升降枱、高清個人會議標準攝像頭、會議標準降噪揚聲器或耳機。只佔地4呎,能於狹小的空間提供專業質素的視像會議體驗,即使有環境的騷擾、地方的限制,降噪等技術都能夠為你消除煩惱,不論工作地點都依然保持會議品質。

【Prosumer Choice|How do you WFH?|Make an All-in-one Personal Conference Set by 4 Feet|WFH Starter Set】

The pandemic has been with us for two years, everybody may already get used to Work From Home / Remote Working. While in a tiny place like Hong Kong, not everyone has enough environmental conditions to WFH. For that, WEBA has designed a set of products for you.

WEBA Prosumer Starter Set includes professional sit-stand work desk, HD personal conference standard camera, and conference standard noise-block speakerphone or headset. With only 4 feet, it can provide you a pro-grade video conference experience. Although there are disturbances around and space limitations, technologies can eliminate your trouble in order to keep the conference quality wherever you are.


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