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Art with Tech: Tech with Art


Art-Tech has become increasingly popular in recent years to integrate art and technology and show a more diversified and practical side of art-tech. With the development of technology, we have many opportunities to get in touch with and experience technology, while this exhibition will show you the possibilities of Art-Tech.

The topic of this ART-tech exhibition is “VICE-VERSA”, which means whether it’s “ART with TECH” or “TECH with ART”, either path has millions of possibilities. This exhibition will bring you a whole new Art-Tech journey by using the simplest way to create the fusion of Art-Tech.

Several digital media creators and artists from Computation ART, Generative ART, Fashion, and illustration will co-present light and shadow, digital video, installation, fashion and music creation, and host a series of free Art-Tech workshops. Furthermore, several local artists will bring their NFT works to immerse you in an Art-Tech experience through sight, voice, touch and motion.

As a technology company with innovative concepts, WEBA will fully support and sponsor this Art-Tech exhibition, creating more development potential for the future society by promoting the exchange of art and technology.

POLY (formerly Plantronics and Polycom) is a world-class audio-visual product brand. It has many prestigious patented technologies and superior sound technologies, providing professional audio-visual products and technical support for the venue.

Featured Artists:

• Aska Yeung, Computation Media Artist/Chairman of HKMMDA

• Kevin Ho, Fashion Designer

• PUREHAY, Illustrator/Chairman of HKSI

• Teresa MoSa, Illustrator

• MATEZ, Retail Tech

• Dr. Anthony Cheng, Music Composer


POLY mini-game

Find how many POLY LOGO are there in the venue. After completing the game, you only need to find a staff member and tell him/her the answer to getting a small gift. *

* Number of gifts is limited. It gives on a first-come-first-serve basis.

《50漣漪 - RIPPLES 》

Before entering the venue, please walk through our well-designed RIPPLES tunnel, an 18-metre corridor device to interweave an immersive sensory experience with neon lights and sound so that you can feel the sense of technology created by the effect of the corridor.

In this exhibition area, we use the Daisy Chain function of POLY SYNC 40 and POLY SYNC 60, connect them to enhance sound effects and expand the range of sound distribution.

The products of the POLY SYNC series have changed the general limit of conference products with only one function. In addition to high-quality vocal effects, the products also enhance the quality of music playback, comparable to the Hi-Fi music player, so that conference products are no longer limited to meetings.

Technology used: Daisy Chain

Product: POLY SYNC 40 and POLY SYNC 60

Advantages of venue applications:

In the past exhibitions, it usually took a lot of time and manpower to co-create the sound effects for the show by programming and installing them. While WEBA used POLY technology and high-quality professional products to save costs for activities without reducing quality.

《潛影追蹤 - Leave Behind Trace 》

In the “Leave Behind Trace” exhibition area, you will feel the change of NFT works in the LED Wall through the interaction between sound and portrait tracking, leading the audience to dive into the illusory space.

POLY STUDIO R30 has an automatic tracking function, which not only plays an important role in meetings, but also has another purpose in the art category, presenting different camera uses.

Technology used: Automatic Camera Framing

Product: POLY STUDIO R30 and Absen LED Wall

Advantages of venue application:

All-In-One conference products have powerful 4K lenses and directional microphones, which can clearly capture portrait sounds.

《未來窺探者 -Future Observatory 》

In cooperation with music composer, Dr. Anthony Cheng, you can communicate with NFT works through headphones in “ Future Observatory '' exhibition area, to add experimentation and fun to the NFT work.

Technology used: Acoustic Fence technology


Advantages of venue application:

When using patented anti-noise technology, it feels like a bubble surrounding us. Even in a noisy scene, both the speaker and the listener can enjoy the extremely clear sound quality. In the application of the exhibition, it is not necessary to arrange a special area or room to adapt the sound effects.

N 空間 - N SPACE

On top of the projector, POLY STUDIO P5 is used. It is a portable camera and because of its small size and lightness, it can be easily hung on the ceiling. To coordinate with the works of art delivered by professional projectors, you are able to enter the pixel world and space and experience the self-body expansion effect by dancing the body in front of the interactive device.

In this way, we sincerely invite any dance enthusiast to create their own dance in the exhibition area, integrating three elements of “art”, “technology” and “dance”.

The technology used: Automatic Camera Framing (Automatic Camera Framing)

Products: POLY STUDIO P5 and Projector

Advantages of site application:

The P5 lens has excellent optical components, colour restoration technology, and 1080p high-definition picture quality.

In addition to daily meetings, it can also be used as a portrait sensor in this exhibition. When you are in the projection, the picture will change by sensing your position through POLY STUDIO P5. The product design is simple and easy to use, it is ready with only a USB connection.

Professional display screen

Absen All-in-One Display (LED Wall)

This LED Wall is different from the traditional display screen. The user does not need to specifically weld a scaffold for it, which can save costs and space. In addition, users do not need to find additional engineers to configure it, so it can be used once it is out of the factory. Absen's display is widely used in advertising display (standard billboard, large outdoor screen, transportation hub, street scene advertising, digital signage, sports, etc.), stage display (enterprise activities, public events, performing arts activities, TV broadcasting, etc.), commercial display (chain business, business complex, theme park, exhibitions, churches, cruise, casinos, etc.), data visualisation (control rooms, radio and TV studios, etc.), conference screens (government and enterprises, education, finance, hotels, etc.), the export volume of Absen All-in-One Display has ranked first in the industry for 12 consecutive years.

LG Professional Display

Since its establishment in 1958, LG has become one of the fastest-growing and leading global brands through innovative technology. With the launch of mobile devices and smart TV in the 21st century, the application of innovative technologies continues to develop international applications.

In this exhibition, we have used the latest model of LG's professional display, which colour display is close to reality and brings you a better home and business experience with better technology.


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