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Bose Professional 係新野???

眾所周知, Bose係一個音響設備最為知名的品牌之一。但大家又知唔知,Bose都有分家用版同Professional版既呢? 所謂既家用版就係平日大家能夠係Bose門市買到既耳機、家用揚聲器、Soundbar等等,適合在家聽歌、煲劇既時候用。而Professional版既產品係Bose門市就搵唔到,例如之前我地介紹過既Bose S1 Pro。

Bose Professional一般會係大型表演、舞台音響設備、Event、Town Hall Speech等等用到。Bose Professional有唔同種類既產品,例如有揚聲器、軟件同埋便攜式擴聲系統。

如果你係第一次接觸Bose Professional ,想了解多啲,又或者想現場聽下音質既,就可以去WEBA既網站WEBA Prosumer預玩。

Bose is a well-known brand in selling sound equipment. However, do you know there are two different versions of Bose? Bose was separated into home-use version and professional version. Home-use products can be found easily in Bose's stores, for example, headphones, home-use speakers, soundbar, etc. They are usually used for listening to music or watching movies. While professional products cannot be found in Bose's stores, such as the one we mentioned before---S1 Pro.

Bose Professional products are usually used in big shows, town hall speeches, music theatre, etc. Bose has different kinds of products such as speakers, software, and Portable PA.

If this is your first time to hear the Bose Professional, and you want to learn more about it or want to test the sound quality by yourself, please go to have a booking on WEBA's website (WEBA Prosumer).


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