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Poly 2021新系列產品|會展見!

Poly Studio P21 終於面世喇!!! P21係Poly Studio系列嘅最新產品,一款個人會議All-in-one顯示器。全港首部 P21 將會喺秋季電子產品展同大家會面,同系列嘅產品包括 P5 同 P15 同樣會落展。想體驗新產品帶來嘅效果的話,只要嚟WEBA嘅展位就可以喇!

(展位: 1D-C23、C25)


Poly Studio P21 is finally available on the market. P21 is the newest commodity of Poly Studio Series, which is an all-in-one personal meeting display. The FIRST P21 in Hong Kong will be placed in the 2021 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). Products of the same series including P5 and P15 will be there too. Want to experience P21/P5/P15 for oneself, only need to come to WEBA's booth.

(Booth: 1D-C23、C25)

See you there!


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